Pv Modules

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Modules or Panels are the most essential component for harnessing solar energy, since this is the very object that is responsible for absorbing sunlight, and converting into Direct Current through the photovoltaic effect. The direct current can be converted into AC, by connecting the panels with a Solar Inverter, that will not only condition the electricity, but also store it for rainy or cloudy days and unpredictable weather conditions or sudden power cuts. The most commonly used PV panel system is Crystalline Silicon or thin-film cells formed into wafers. Crystaline Silicone Solar Panels has two types- monocrystalline, which uses single crystalline silicon, and multi-crystalline or polycrystalline. An assembly of PV modules are wired together to form a PV array, which can be then mounted on rooftops or secured with ground mounting with polls or ballasts, and continue with the more or less independent energy generation. In the recent time, the impact and demand for clean energy is at its peak, and Photovoltaics is among the most important resource of it.

The biggest brands, that manufactures the most sophisticated solar panels in the world, include Trina, Sharp, LG, Jinko, REC among many others. With powerful products such as LG’s NeON and MONOX series, that substantiate the Cell Technology, or Trina Solar DuoMax that has a capacity of 1500 Volts and promises increased energy efficiency and reduced bills. Now you can buy the world’s best solar panels on B2B wholesale, at Power n Sun. You can order online, or call us for a delivery to your location in the regions of Middle East, Africa and South Asia. We specifically cater to small to medium resellers and dealers of solar panels.