GS Rail Clamp


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GS Rail Clamp
  • Technology: AGM VRLA
  • Cells: 120
  • Power Bin(Wp): 200AH/12V
  • Efficiency: 20.6
  • Power phase: 3 - Phase
  • Product Type: goods

Delivery Time:

2 to 4 Weeks

GS Rail Clamp


REC Alpha 360Wp with maximum system voltage 1000 V, Voc 44.1V, Isc 10.23Amp, Imp 9.55Amp, Vmp 37.7V, Efficiency 20.6% ,Operating temperature -40degree to +85degree, Temperature coefficent of Isc 0.04 %/°C , Temperature coefficent of Voc -0.24 %/°C , Temperature coefficent of Pmax -0.26 %/°C

20 Year Product Warranty
25 Year Linear Power Warranty
Maximum annual power degression of 0.25% p.a.
Guarantees 92% of power after 25 years